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Comco micro-abrasive blasters

Microblasting Equipment Deburrs Medical Parts
Comco offers a line of micro-abrasive blasters designed to effectively process small workpieces.

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Surface Treatment For Medical Parts
Micro-abrasive blasting provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to surface treatment requirements in a range of medical applications. Though most engineers are familiar with grit, or cabinet, blasting, few know much about its obscure relative, micro-abrasive blasting.

Surface Treatment For Medical Parts
The MicroBlaster can quickly deburr small parts, remove conformal coating and texture surfaces. Micro-abrasive blasting is a technology that uses micron-sized particles of high grade abrasives propelled out of a small nozzle tip at high velocity to clean, cut, deburr and texture a variety of surfaces. The versatility of the process makes it a good choice for medical device manufacturers to texture and deburr tubular components.

Workstation And Dust Collector In One
The ProCenter combines a workstation and a dust collector in one compact unit, according to the company. Designed for ergonomic comfort, the machine works with any of the company's micro-abrasive blasters and is said to allow a user to perform precision blasting operations with enhanced visibility. A front loading door, dual fluorescent lamps, an integral silencer and an oversized abrade chamber make the machine capable of handling virtually any micro-abrasive blasting operation in a steady production environment, according to the company.

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