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PMPA Chapter Meeting Covers Threading
The PMPA Indiana/Southern Ohio Chapter meeting on November 15 covered “All Things Threading,” with presentations from Horn USA and LMT Tools (Fette), and included live threading demonstrations on the Technical Equipment's showroom floor.

Thread-Rolling System for OD Forming
LMT Fette, of the LMT Tools Group, offers its EvoLine thread-rolling system for OD thread forming.

Thread Roll Tools
LMT Fette thread rolling head systems can be used on almost any type of machine tool including basic engine lathes, pillar drills, single, multiple spindle bar and chucking machines, rotary transfer machines, NC and CNC lathes, machining centers, drill presses, special purpose machines and moving head stock lathes.

Swiss machine work zone

Continuous Improvement Streamlines Throughput on CNC Swiss-types
Applying continuous improvement is how this Swiss shop keeps ahead of the crowd. 

November 2009 News
Software Certified by Autodesk InventorGibbs and Associates’ GibbsCAM 2009 has been certified for Autodesk Inventor 2010 software under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. Certification is granted only after a product has been thoroughly tested by internal staff at Autodesk.

Gildemeister MSL 42-7

EMO 2007: A Winner All Around
It’s probably blasphemous to describe Germans as giddy, but that’s the best word I can conjure for the mood at the recently completed EMO exhibition in Hannover.  

LMT Fette IQ Plus

Taps That Adapt
Users of LMT Fette IQ Plus taps for blind and through holes should be able to plan for extended production life of between 30 and 50 percent compared to conventional TiCN coated taps because of a new "intelligent" coating development that adapts to the cutting conditions to provide a more consistent and predictable process. The multi-layer, nano-structured coatings have a highly wear-resistant base layer adhered to the substrate of the insert with a softer, but tougher IQ Plus sputter coating fused into the surface. Under cutting conditions and following a few passes in contact with the material being processed, the IQ Plus coating is subjected to micron-compression.

Coolant-Through Turning Holders
Point Blank Coolant-Fed OD turning holders are designed to eliminate the problems associated with inconsistent coolant, while increasing tool life. The holder's top plate, or coolant nozzle design, shoots coolant on the cutting edge. The orifice size maximizes coolant velocity.

Axial Thread-Rolling Heads With Quick-Change Shanks
Change the shank, not the thread-rolling head. A quick-change shank allows a single LMT-Fete axial thread-rolling head to go from installation in a screw machine to a CNC lathe and to a CNC machining center. What's more, shank change-over doesn't require adaptors.


Coolant-Through Turning Toolholders Deliver Increased Performance And Tool Life
It should be obvious to anyone who has ever washed a driveway or patio with a garden hose: For the best results, you must keep the stream of water precisely where it's needed. The same principle applies to delivering coolant to the cutting zone.

Tangential Thread Rolling Heads
LMT-Fete Tangential Thread Rolling Heads come pre-synchronized for efficient setup with no roll timing. Because symmetrical roller repositioning is performed with a central setting screw and away from the rolling system, operators can expect a 75 percent reduction in setup time. The 10-minute setup time applies to the initial setup and any time the thread rolls are changed out.

Single-Blade Reamers
The single-blade reamer (SBR) series features fine radial adjustment for hole accuracy and compensation after regrinding. It features optimized two-point cutter clamping, precisely supporting cutting inserts. Extra-wide guide strips, consisting of specially developed ultra-fine grit carbide, allow for use in areas which formerly were reserved for PCD guide strips only.

One Turning Tool, Five Operations
Drilling, boring, facing, turning and counter boring can all be performed with a single Pentatec indexable carbide turning tool. The tool cuts tool change times and eliminates turret indexes for machining time reductions up to 30 percent. The design is based on a variation of the conventional trigon-shaped carbide insert.

Carbide Insertable Forming Taps
The company introduces its HPF carbide insertable forming tap. The tap features a replaceable carbide insert on a steel body. The carbide insert allows for cutting speeds two to three times higher than that of an HSS form tap at a fraction of the price of a solid carbide tap, according to the company.

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