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Rotary Indexing Machines Produce in a Single Clamping
PMTS 2019: The Mikron Multistar CX-24 rotary indexing machines are said to produce both simple and complex turned and milled parts in a single clamping.

Small Drill for Stainless Steel Cutting
With bad thermal conductivity, high ductility and long chips, stainless steel cutting is a challenge even for machining specialists.

Milling Hard-to-Machine Materials on a Micro Scale
The idea of a tool that effectively controls heat with a special grade of carbide, a new coating and internal channels that deliver cooling through ports in the shank where the milling flutes begin, is worth a look.

CrazyDrill Flex Flexible Miniature Drills Offers Precision
Just like the first version of CrazyDrill Flex, this version keeps the special features of the flexibility of a HSS drill and the precision and long tool life of a solid carbide drill.

Making a Deep Hole
Every cutting operation has its own set of parameters that determine the most suitable tool to handle the job.

Micro Drill Cuts to New Depths
At the EMO show, Mikron Tool demonstrated a new addition to the company’s Crazy Drill line of cutting tools--micro drills capable of drilling deep holes from 0.1 to 1.2 mm in diameter in increments of 0.01 mm at depths as much as 30x diameter.

CNC Rotary Machining System Reduces Downtime
The three main factors that appeal to users of the Multistar NX-24 rotary machining system from an economical perspective are outstanding productivity, full flexibility and highest precision, the company says.

Flexible Carbide Micro Drill
CrazyDrill Flex, the latest member of the CrazyDrill family, combines HSS drill flexibility with a solid carbide drill's long tool life and precision.This cutting tool design is based on a new type of carbide alloy and an accurately defined geometry.

PM News: February 2011
New Engineering Manager Hanwha Machinery America has appointed David Folz as engineering manager at its Franklin, Wisconsin, headquarters.

Technology Is Everywhere
Even seemingly humble items have technology applied to them. This article looks a one example.


Pilot Drill
The CrazyDrill Crosspilot pilot drill was developed to cut angles with an inclination of as much as 65 degrees. Thus, it reduces what used to be the required three machining steps (flat milling, centering, drilling) to only two operations (pilot drilling, long drilling) and guarantees a higher precision because of

Mikron Transfer Systems brochure

Transfer Systems
• Catalog highlights NAM transfer systems from Mikron Corp. , Monroe • Describes different versions of the systems with photos and bullet points • Explains the company's service and product support .

Mikron drills

Drills For Small And Medium Batch Quantities
The MiquDrill line by Mikron Tool are drills for small and medium batch quantities and minimal holes per workpiece. Three type of drills are available: center drills in various diameters from 0. 5 to 6 mm that center for the smallest drilling diameters starting at 0.

Mikron End Mill Literature

High-Speed End Mills
• Brochure illustrates the Mikron end mill product range and describes each end mill • Specifications are also listed in an easy-to-read chart format • The product range includes premium coating, specialty end mills for steel exceeding 55 HRC and the Power “Z” end mill .

Deep Hole Drilling
- CrazyDrill Pilot and CrazyDrill Cool are described in this brochure- Lists advantages, product ranges and specifications of each- Explains Mikron's services it offers, including regrinding, packaging and tool recycling  .

Two Parallel Drill Programs
Available in four versions, each with a geometry suited to customers requirements, the CrazyDrill, is a small drill for demanding requirements. Used where large series, multiple drillings per workpiece and difficult conditions are the norm, these drills are available from stock in diameters ranging from 0. 4 mm to 6 mm (in 0.

Mikron NRG-50 Machining Unit Diagram

Scalable Transfer Machine Offers Flexible Solutions
Mikron Machining Technology (Monroe, Connecticut) now offers the NRG-50 rotary transfer machine, which provides new dimensions in the cost-efficient production of large-volume series. The machines are designed for prismatic parts with an edge length of as much as 50 mm or, alternatively, 35-mm diameter and 70-mm length.

Rotary Transfer With Highly Flexable Change-Over
The Mikron NRG-50 rotary transfer machine from Mikron enables higher levels of accuracy to be met with the combination of multitude of production sequences into a single-hit cycle.   The machine has as many as 140 CNC axes and 30 NC-controlled machining heads able to provide up to five axes of movement. It is capable of four-axis interpolation for milling cycles and is able to carry as many as 96 tools with automatic tool changing, if required.

Rotary Transfer Machine For Round And Prismatic Parts
The NRG-50 rotary transfer machine is designed for cylindrical and prismatic parts with an edge as long as 50 mm, or parts up to 35-mm diameter with up to a 70-mm length. Modular building blocks allow this flexible machine to support a wide application spectrum. The modular components are equipped with standard interfaces connecting them to the base machine as well as to the subsequent modular building block assembly groups.

Pin Production

Pinning Down Production Clinches Significant Savings
Rotary transfer machines have allowed this shop to capitalize on single-operation capabilities to increase production, cut leadtimes and save manufacturing costs.

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Trade Names

CrazyDrill Alu
CrazyDrill Cool
CrazyDrill Crosspilot
CrazyDrill Pilot
CrazyDrill Steel
CrazyDrill Twicenter
CrazyMill Cool
Mikron NAM
Mikron NRG-50
MiquDrill 200
MiquDrill 210
MiquDrill Centro