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Factory Fills Market Gap with Steel Rotor Shafts
This article details Siemens Norwood’s implementation of a CNC mill-turn that enabled the company to manufacture steel rotor shafts to be used in Above NEMA electric motors, meeting a market demand for larger frame sizes, higher speeds and larger and stiffer rotor shafts.

CNC machine and employees

Mill-Turn Saves Time and Meets Market Demands
The Siemens Norwood Large Drives motor factory reduced setup times and met customer demand by purchasing a WFL M80 mill-turn capable of fluting, a process that can remove 60 percent more material with each pass than existing machines’ welding capabilities.   

Turning/Boring/Milling Centers
The M120 mill-turn/6,500-mm machine is equipped with machining lengths ranging from 78" to 315" and a swing ranging to 48". Along with power ranges (ranging to 168 hp) and torque values (ranging to 8,680 foot-pounds) of the main spindle, feed rates on all axes make for dynamics and productivity.

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