November 2020 ISSUE

Production Machining November 2020
November 2020 | Digital Edition

Human-Like Robot Automates Secondary Machining Operations

Two seven-axis robots enable two second-op mills to run lights out eight hours in the evenings to win 64 hours of unattended machining time per week for this Ventura, California, shop.


Parts Cleaning

Particle Analysis Evolves with Cleanliness Specifications

Cleanliness analysis equipment has become more advanced as testing and reporting particle contamination levels have become more critical.

Turning Machines

Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Machining Center Makes Sense for MetalQuest

An early adopter of multitasking equipment, this Nebraska contract manufacturer has taken what it feels is the next logical step to diversify by adding a multi-spindle for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.