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Small Conveyors for a Machine Shop’s 24/7 Needs

The modular, compact and portable design of the Lite Series conveyors make them easy to integrate with existing equipment and easy to move around when jobs or processes change frequently.


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Mini-Mover Conveyor

Mini-Mover’s Lite Series conveyors offer a rugged construction with integral side guides and a drive package.

Mini-Mover Conveyors’ small conveyors and accumulation tables are designed for 24/7 parts transfer, scrap removal and parts accumulation in metalworking machine shops that produce small parts. The modularity, compact and portable design of the company’s Lite Series conveyors make them easy to integrate with existing equipment and easy to move around when jobs or processes change frequently.

The company’s Lite Series offers a rugged construction with integral side guides and a drive package. No tools or installation are needed for these conveyors – simply plug it in and start running it. Its standard model specifications include a 2.50" high frame made of hard, black-anodized aluminum; 0.70" high side guides; 0.375" polished aluminum slider bed; 1.25" diameter precision crowned aluminum pulleys; ball bearing pulley bearings that are doubled-sealed for life; and 1/30 to 1/8 hp, 115/60/1 VAC gearmotors with an end drive and side mount.

The Lite Series maximum load-carrying capacity is 150 lbs. The drive speed has an inverse effect on the load capacity, according to the company.

The conveyor control contains a fixed speed power switch, motor overload fuse, power-on LED indicator, power cord and plug housed in a junction box that is mounted to the side frame.

While all Mini-Mover mini conveyor products are built to order, the company’s standard Lite small conveyor sizes range from 1″ to 16″ in width and 12″ to 144″ in length. The Lite Series is designed to readily adapt to a variety of horizontal, cascaded, incline, decline and horizontal-to-incline applications.

Lite Series conveyors have many flat and cleated belting options available. Unless otherwise specified, Lite conveyors ship with flat U1-Style all-purpose white belting. This style of belting is said to perform well for most applications.

More custom options such as modular extended lengths, special DC or wipe-down motors, pneumatic drives, dual belt and other special-use configurations can be built as well.

Mini-Mover offers drive packages to fit many needs, whether a line runs at a fixed speed or requires variable speed control at workstations along the line. Integrated Drive Lite Packages (standard) consist of gearmotor, controls and right-side mount. A left-side mount is available on request. O/UM (Over-/under-mount) drive packages (optional) consist of gearmotor, controls and hardware. Various O/UM drive packages are available for the Lite Series.

Conveyor accessories include a selection of small conveyor stands, mounting brackets, guide rails and more to fully customize a small conveyor configuration.


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