Tsugami M08J CNC Lathe Features Rigid Construction

Originally titled 'CNC Lathe Features Rigid Construction'

Tsugami/Rem Sales’ Tsugami M08J CNC lathe is a two-axis turning center with a manual tailstock, programmable quill and A2-6 spindle nose that features a rigid construction.

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Tsugami/Rem Sales’ M08J CNC lathe is a rigid two-axis turning center with a manual tailstock, programmable quill and A2-6 spindle nose. The lathe features a rigid construction using boxed ways for the X axis with oversized linear guides for the Z axis for heavy-duty machining. 

Thermal displacement compensation comes standard on the M08J, which allows for machine accuracy by measuring the thermal displacement using the touch sensors installed on the X-axis slide. All of this is packed into a small footprint of 67” × 66” × 63”.

The lathe can be used for a number of applications such as turning, drilling boring and thread cutting. Options include the addition of high pressure coolant, foot pedals and a chip conveyor.

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