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A Message from Exair Corporation

EXAIR Corporation manufactures compressed air products that solve common industrial problems.

Super Air Knives – Blowoff, clean, dry and cool with less noise and air consumption.

As Seen In Production Machining

Super Air Wipe

3/8” Super Air Wipe Dries, Cools and Cleans Small Diameters
Exair’s 3/8” Super Air Wipe has a split design that can be clamped around continuously moving material such as wire, cable, pipe, hose and extruded shapes.

Super ion air knife

Gen4 Super Air Knife Eliminates Static
Exair’s Gen4 super ion air knife eliminates static on plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem. 

Atomizing spray nozzle

1/4 NPT No Drip Atomizing Spray Nozzle Covers 360 Degrees
Exair’s 1/4 NPT No Drip internal mix 360-degree hollow circular pattern atomizing spray nozzle can provide a smooth, even coating on the inside diameter of a pipe or similar ductwork and is also effective for operations where mist over a broad area is needed.

Back blow air nozzle

1004SS, M4 NPT Back Blow Air Nozzle Cleans Inside Diameters
Exair’s 1004SS, M4 NPT back blow air nozzle has an array of holes that provide a 360-degree airflow to clear out coolant, chips and light oils from machining processes. 

Cooler system

Small 316SS Cabinet Coolers Resist Heat and Corrosion
Exair Corp.'s small 316 stainless steel cabinet cooler systems with ETC (electronic temperature control) keep electrical enclosures cool while maintaining the NEMA 4X rating of the enclosure and resisting the heat that could adversely affect internal components. 

Spray nozzle

1/2 NPT Siphon Fed Spray Nozzle Atomizes Variety of Liquids
Exair Corp.’s 1/2 NPT siphon fed atomizing spray nozzle atomizes a variety of fluids in a round spray pattern where no liquid pressure is available and heavy application of liquid is needed. 

Anti-Static Ion Air Cannon Cleans at Distances up to 15 Feet
This device is especially useful for benchtops, machine mounting and hard to reach spaces that require a concentrated flow of static-eliminating ions.

Exair NPT threaded line vac conveyors

Small Vacuum Conveyors Attach to Ordinary Piping
Exair’s aluminum 3/8 and ½ NPT Threaded Line Vac air-operated conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials.

Peek Air Nozzle Permits Installation in Tight Spaces
Exair’s Peek Pico Super air nozzle has been engineered to produce the highest performance attainable from a tiny nozzle.

Exair Super Blast safety air guns

Safety Air Guns with Extensions Decrease Air Consumption
Exair’s Super Blast safety air guns are available with 3- or 6-ft. extension pipes for blow-off, drying and cleaning applications.

Exair Chip Vac system

Vacuum System Features No Motors
Exair’s Chip Vac uses compressed air to create direction flow action, effectively removing chips and scrap material from the fixtures, floors and work surfaces of machining centers, lathes, saws, mills and other industrial equipment.

Exair Catalog Highlights New Features, Products and Solutions
EXAIR's Catalog 25, a full color technical guide, offers solutions to common industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning, coating and static electricity problems.

Vacuum Generators For Lifting, Clamping And Placement
Exair’s E-Vac is a series of compressed air-powered vacuum generators for pick and place, clamping, lifting, chucking and surface mounting applications. These vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes and flows along with a selection of vacuum cups suitable for a range of applications. The generators have been engineered for high efficiency to minimize air consumption and increase cycle speeds.

Heavy-Duty Safety Air Gun
Exira's heavy-duty safety air gun safely removes chips, dust and other contaminants from products, machinery and work surfaces. The ergonomic composite rubber grip and wide-curved trigger make it comfortable for long use, according to the company. It uses a large compressed air inlet to increase the airflow available to the "super air nozzle," resulting in higher force and flow than ordinary air guns.

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