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Company Profile

Henning Industrial Software, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Billie and Richard G.

Visual EstiTrack Shop Management & ERP Software Solutions

When it comes to shop management software, it's all about the right fit!

As Seen In Production Machining

Henning Software Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Husband and wife team Richard and Billie Henning provide software solutions for area companies.

Front office implementation

ERP Can Be More Than Planning
From accounting and order tracking to scheduling and inventory management, this workholding equipment supplier is only beginning to realize the full benefits of its ERP system.

ERP software

ERP Software Give Users Control
Henning Industrial Software adds to its ERP shop management system with the Visual EstiTrack ERP Ultimate solution.

Henning scheduling app

Henning Booth Features Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
Henning Software’s booth has a Touch Scheduling Board that uses an intuitive touchscreen interface that lets you drag-and-drop scheduled shop order presentations.

Portable Shop Management Software
This article looks at an advancement from Henning Software called iVET Mobile Application that ties into the company’s ERP system.

ERP Software on the Move
Desktop computers are becoming a thing of the past, whether we like it or not. “Mobility” is the key, and that’s true in manufacturing as well. Henning created a mobile app to use on a tablet or mobile phone right at the workcenter. The app eliminates the need for shop personnel to go elsewhere in the shop to input data into the system.


Taking Shop Management Software on the Road
In a fast-moving shop where every minute counts, efficiency of operation is the key to success. Every time someone must leave his or her workcenter to review workorders, check on status or log into a workorder operation, time is wasted.

Advancements in ERP Software Maximize Productivity
ERP shop management software provides a tool to ensure that a shop's resources are deployed in an efficient and profitable way. Check out one product's latest features.

Henning Software Finds Longtime Success Through Cost-Effective Software Solutions
After successfully creating job estimating software, Henning Software realized it would need to keep expanding their software offerings into a fully developed ERP system in order to grow in the market.

Scheduling Board Software Offers Touchscreen Interface
Henning Software’s new Visual EstiTrack Touch Scheduling Board software product incorporates a touchscreen interface that enables users to drag-and-drop scheduled shop order operations within and between work centers.

Rich Henning to Present at PMTS
Coming in April to the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS), presentations from industry experts will be part of festivities through Knowledge Centers.

ERP Software Assists Companies with Day-to-Day Operations
The characteristics that make a manufacturing company great are not only the quality of the products that are produced on a shop floor, but also how quickly these products are turned around to the customers.

Family Business Finds ERP Software Tailored to its Needs
When Jim Roberts and the rest of the management team at Roberts Automatic Products decided that they had to purchase an ERP software system for their growing company, it was anything but an easy decision.

Profiting with Shop Management Software
Once all employees can see how process changes can benefit them, implementation becomes easier and efficiency soars.

Take the Highland Road
From programming to setup to production, this Ohio job shop plans everything it does around untended machining. The company has been refining the process for more than a decade and has become very good at it.


Executive Dashboard Helps Drive the Business
 Doing more with less is the order of the day. Quickly understanding how a business is doing on a daily (even hourly) basis is key to decision making.

Henning trade show booth

Technical Member Profile: Henning Industrial Software
In the early days, the Hennings’ customers were primarily small- to medium-sized precision machining companies. 

Tim LaSpina, president of LaSpina Tool & Die, and ERP vendor, Billie Henning

Choosing ERP Vendors And Consultants: It's All About The Right Fit
Looking to upgrade your company's ERP and IT systems? It's all about the right fit between your company and the vendor you select. You will be working with the people you choose for months or even years.

Michael Bobbitt and Russell Diemer

Changing Shop Management Software Takes Teamwork
Manufacturer’s hardware platform and shop software upgrades bring added flexibility, simplicity and speed to the network and its processes.

Precision Plus 2

Speed, Flexibility And Adaptability Are Key In Shop Management Software
It was 1999, and Precision Plus of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, was fairly satisfied with its 10-year-old DOS shop management software. However, the vendor would no longer be providing DOS updates.

Getting A Handle On Operational Data
This shop looked at shop control software demonstrations from six vendors. They eventually decided to install 17 networked PCs with Windows 95 software plus this shop management program.

Product Categories of Henning Industrial Software, Inc.

Consulting Services
ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
ERP for Standard Products Manufacturing
Job Estimating Software
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Quality Documentation Software
Software, Accounting/General Ledger/Payroll
Software, Other Manufacturing

Trade Names

iVET Mobile App
Shop Advisor/Executive Summary
Visual Books Accounting
Visual EstiTrack
Visual EstiTrack Shop Kiosk System
Visual WebTrack
VisualEstiTrack Executive Dashboard