11/23/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

PMPA Chapter Meeting Covers Threading

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The PMPA Indiana/Southern Ohio Chapter meeting on November 15 covered “All Things Threading,” with presentations from Horn USA and LMT Tools (Fette), and included live threading demonstrations on the Technical Equipment's showroom floor.


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Horn’s Turbo Whirling system is designed to optimize thread whirling and increase efficiency.

The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) Indiana/Southern Ohio Chapter meeting on November 15 covered “All Things Threading.” The event was hosted at the Cincinnati location of PMPA technical member, Technical Equipment (a division of Morris Group Inc.), a distributor of advanced machine tools and related technology.

After a brief reception, Greg Hartman and Flawio Pelosato, from LMT-Tools (Fette) kicked off the presentations with a design overview and a practical troubleshooting review on thread rolling. Their “how to make it work” approach included discussion about how material selection and properties, blank design, tooling, feeds and speeds, and gaging all impact successful fabrication of rolled threads. They also covered new products developed for thread rolling lead-free brass.

Brian Lieving, from Horn USA, then discussed the basics of thread milling, explaining the differences between single-point and multi-point thread mills as well as the advantages over tapping. His presentation also reviewed thread whirling and compared this process to single-point threading.

The evening wrapped up with dinner in the Technical Equipment showroom, along with live demonstrations of the different threading techniques.

For more information about thread whirling, visit the Horn USA website, or for a closer look at the company’s Turbo Whirling product, read “Take This Tool for a Spin.” Also see the LMT-Tools website for more details about thread rolling, or read “Continuous Improvement Streamlines Throughput on CNC Swiss-Types” to learn about a Swiss shop that is applying the process.


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