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Horn USA, Inc.

As Seen In Production Machining

Horn Supermini Clamping System Increases Repeatability

Horn Supermini Clamping System Increases Repeatability
Clamping method enables cutting inserts to be held in place with more force, which, in turn, makes the entire system more rigid and results in higher repeatability.

Ventilator Crisis —  Clippard Delivers for Ford

Ventilator Crisis — Clippard Delivers for Ford
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, harnessed their talent, experience, capabilities and PMPA network to deliver 50,000 sets of ventilator parts to Ford Motor Company. 

Horn Supermini HP Eliminates Need for Multiple Tools

Horn Supermini HP Eliminates Need for Multiple Tools
Supermini HP is a multifunctional tool for drilling, turning, boring and facing.

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward
New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.

Horn USA Plans for Future Growth with New Facility

Horn USA Plans for Future Growth with New Facility
New production area will enable Horn USA to roughly triple the number of precision cutting tools that it manufactures in Franklin, Tennessee.

Emerging Leader Lindsey Bender Offers Customer Service Excellence

Emerging Leader Lindsey Bender Offers Customer Service Excellence
Lindsey’s communication skills and talent shine through via her daily work at Horn USA.

Horn's 312 insert

4 Questions for Customer Delight
Operational excellence, product leadership, customer intimacy—one of these rules them all. Miles Free visited PMPA member, Horn, at its headquarters in Germany and returned home with four questions that can be used to determine customer delight.

world map

Horn USA Commits to Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
By moving manufacturing operations closer to the people who use the product, Horn has proven its commitment to the simple philosophy of “think globally, act locally.”


Horn Swiss-Lathes Includes Stable Quick-Change System
PMTS 2019: Horn is focused on equipping Swiss-type lathes with a precise, repeatable and stable quick-change system.

VDMA members

2019 German Precision Tool Industry Outlook is Positive Amid Uncertainty
Despite geopolitical economic uncertainty, the German VDMA Precision Tools Association is projecting growth in precision tool consumption.  

Threaded bone taps

Giving New Methods of Thread Cutting a Whirl
Two new forms of thread whirling promise to make the thread cutting process more efficient.

Horn booth

Growing for 20 Years, and It Shows
The previous 50 × 50-foot booth that Horn USA occupied since 2008 is now 50 × 100 feet at this year’s IMTS.

Janie Hughes headshot

Emerging Leader Janie Hughes Works to Bridge the Industry’s Generational Gap
Meet Janie Hughes, quality specialist at Horn USA. She has been nominated and chosen as one of Production Machining’s 2018 Emerging Leaders—a young professional making strides as a leader in the industry.

The Fundamentals of Chip Control
Having strategies in place for managing chips is an important part of protecting the production process, from tool life to product quality.

Challenging Factors in Turning Tightly Toleranced Parts

Challenging Factors in Turning Tightly Toleranced Parts
This shop produces 100 housing covers made of high-tensile aluminum every year, and has reinvented and improved its machining processes in order to face the challenge of thin walls. 

Jami Massey

Production Machining 2018 Emerging Leaders
Young professionals are a vital asset to the precision machined parts industry, and it is important to acknowledge those who are making strides toward shaping the industry’s future. Production Machining is recognizing our industry’s young talent who were nominated by their peers through our new Emerging Leaders program.

Supermini 105

Turning Thin-Walled Aerospace Parts
To produce extremely small, complex, tightly toleranced, thin-walled precision components made of difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-tensile aluminum housing covers, Herrmann CNC-Drehtechnik is reinventing and improving its machining processes.

Bone taps

Two New Twists on Thread Whirling
Thread whirling as a metalworking process dates to the 1940s. Recently, developments in production speeds, based on this increasingly popular process, are impacting thread manufacturers.

Paul Horn exterior building

Paul Horn Facility Showcases its Expertise
Paul Horn GmbH’s facility in Tübingen, Germany, is impressive not only because of its cleanliness, but the size of the campus and the company’s fast growth from year to year.

Horn workers huddle around laptop computer

Training Through German Eyes: Not What You Expect
HORN pays strict attention to assure the people that the company understands the importance of, and are capable of, working with others. Its focus is on using the strengths of each person for the benefit of the whole.

mono-crystalline diamond-milled part

Technology or People?
In your shop, do your people operate your machines? What impressed me the most was the implicit, built-in assumptions at HORN that it was the people leading the machine tools, rather than the machine tools leading the people.

Product Categories of HORN USA, Inc.

Arbors (for Cutters)
Boring Tools
Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Broaching Tools
Burnishing Tools (Roller)
Chamfering Tools
Collets for Toolholding
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
Diamond Tools
End Mills
Facing Tools/Heads
Form Tools
Gear Cutting Tools
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Key Seating Tools
Milling Cutters
Slotting Saws
Thread Milling Cutters
Thread Whirling Attachments
Thread Whirling Tools
Threading Tools
Threading Tools - Cutting
Tool Blanks
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
Turning Attachments

Trade Names

3-Peat (Grooving)
Centro P (Precision ER System)
DA System
DM System
DS System
GPS (Groove, Part-Off, Side Turn)
Mini (Internal Groove)
Supermini (R)