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PUBLISHED: 2/28/2017

Toolholder with Single-Base Holder and Adapters with ER Collect Pocket

According to the company, the modular system is the first tooling system on the market with a single-base holder and multiple tooling adapters that use the ER collet pocket.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Interchangeable Broach Toolholder for any ER Collet Chuck

. Interchangeable among any style ER collet chuck, the compact, adjustment-free offset rotary broach toolholder will thread onto existing ER (16, 20, 25 and 32) collet chucks and features a built-in 1-degree wobble cutting edge for offset rotary bro...

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Slip-Proof Mini Clamping Nut

The intRlox MX Mini Nut system for Swiss automatic machine tool applications has an anti-slip locking design that is engineered to prevent the locking wrench from slipping off the nut during assembly and disassembly.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Toolholder Presettable in X, Y, Z for Multi-Spindle Swiss-Type Lathes

Göltenbodt has expanded its line of presettable, coolant-fed toolholders with the next generation of toolholders designed for Tornos MultiSwiss 6X4 and Star Swiss-type automatic lathes.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Selectable Toolholder Speeds Setup and Change-Over

The SpinSelect Multi-Pocket selectable toolholder is designed to increase productivity and consistency by decreasing downtime associated with tool and insert setups and change-overs.

PUBLISHED: 2/9/2017

Big Kaiser’s Smart Damper Designed for Turning

It instantaneously absorbs vibration and eliminates chatter, helping to achieve higher machining accuracy, better surface finishes and increased metal removal rates for higher productivity at critical machining depths.

PUBLISHED: 9/15/2016

NT Tool’s Power Hydro Chucks Provide Precision, Versatility

NT Tool’s PHC-A Power Hydro Chucks utilize a dual clamping-point system to provide 20-percent more clamping force than equivalent collet holders, and maintain 3-micron accuracy, according to the company.

PUBLISHED: 8/10/2016

Seco Toolholders with Simultaneous Taper and Face Contact

The taper-face toolholders are designed for use with dual-contact spindle systems.

PUBLISHED: 7/5/2016

Collets Designed for Use with High-Speed Spindles

Ibag North America displays its Ibag Micro Collet for precision-part manufacturing that enables accuracies of 1-micron TIR at the collet nose and accommodates tool diameters ranging to 1/8".

PUBLISHED: 5/23/2016

Carmex Brochure Features Swiss-Type Tools

The Tiny Tools line has been expanded with the CBR incorporating an advanced chipbreaker for improved chip evacuation in boring and profiling operations.

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