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PUBLISHED: 8/26/2015

Tendo Platinum Precision Toolholders for Durability

Schunk’s Tendo Platinum toolholder offers durablity, user friendliness and precision for almost any milling, drilling and reaming application.

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2015

Steadyline Turning Bars Reduce Vibration

Seco Tools LLC is adding turning bars to this Steadyline line of damped tooling.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Anti-Pull Locking System for Metal Removal Applications

Rego-Fix Tool Corporation’s secuRgrip is an anti-pull system that brings tool locking to challenging metal removal applications.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Safe-Lock Tool Locking System Secures Cutters

Haimer’s Safe-Lock uses a pin locking system in the ID of a toolholder that engages with a groove on the OD of a cutting tool.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Base Holder Enhances Tool Accuracy

The Compacto C3, C4, C5 and C6 base holders enhance the efficiency and productivity of CNC turning machines, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 7/2/2015

Alberti Angle Heads Can Run With or Without Coolant

Koma Precision Inc.'s TH Line angle heads from Alberti is targeted for aerospace parts manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2015

Concentric Clamping for Ultimate Tool Performance

The Tendo product line shares many common features, including excellent vibration damping and improved surface quality, according to manufacturer Schunk.

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2015

Rego-Fix powRgrip Unit Built for Reliability

Rego-Fix has expanded its powRgrip line of toolholding systems with the PGU 9500 automatic clamping unit.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2015

Coolant-Through Capability Added to Tooling

Heimatec now offers coolant-through technology on all its current products to enable faster, cleaner cutting on larger and deeper parts where chips and excess heat buildup can be problematic.

PUBLISHED: 4/3/2015

Clamping Nuts Prevent Tool Slippage

The slip-proof IntRLox mini clamping nuts from Rego-Fix feature a frontal milled slot on the outside diameters that mates to a corresponding wrench to prevent slippage during the tightening or loosening process.

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