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Company Profile

LNS North America, Inc. is the marketing and manufacturing presence of Orvin, Switzerland based LNS Group.

For CNC machine tool peripherals, it's LNS, then all the rest

LNS North America is a US based machine tool peripheral manufacturer and is a part of the LNS Group, a Swiss based company established in 1973.

As Seen In Production Machining

LNS Compact, Mobile Spray Cabin Eliminates Contaminants

LNS Compact, Mobile Spray Cabin Eliminates Contaminants
LNS Spray Cabin keeps workplace air and surfaces aerosol mist-free when cleaning parts

Production Machining Industry News, October 2019

Production Machining Industry News, October 2019
Company partnerships, new hires, new credentials for CAM, a grand opening, and more are among the news in the precision machining industry this month. 

LNS eConnect

Bar Feeders Evolve to Interconnectivity
Bar feeding continues to broaden its contributions to making turned parts faster and better. Ethernet interconnectivity can be the next step to increased profitability.

Fox WS Series oil/coolant mist filters

LNS Oil/Coolant Mist Collector Accessory Kit Allows Easy Installation
Included in the kit are adjustable mounting rails, a sealed connecting plate, splash guard and airflow regulator.

e-Connect Ethernet screenshot

Ethernet Communications System Enables Interactivity Across LNS Product Lines
e-Connect enhances the performance of additional LNS products including chip and coolant management devices, high-pressure coolant and air filtration systems.

bar feeder

LNS Bar Feeder Loads Small Bar Diameters
PMTS 2019: The GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder from LNS is especially useful for sliding headstock machines running unattended or lights-out production using small bar stock.

LNS CEO and ChipBlaster President

LNS Acquires ChipBlaster
ChipBlaster, the maker of high pressure coolant systems, coolant chillers, cyclonic filtration systems and other machine tool peripherals, has been acquired by LNS.

LNS-ChipBlaster Acquisition

LNS Acquires ChipBlaster
The LNS Group has acquired ChipBlaster Inc., the maker of high pressure coolant systems, coolant chillers, cyclonic filtration systems and other machine tool peripherals.

Collets and guide bushings

Heimatec Sells Tecnicrafts' Products for Swiss Turning
Heimatec Inc. is selling collets and guide bushings from Tecnicrafts Industries that are exclusively used for Swiss turning applications.

Bar feed

GT 112-E Bar Feeder Loads Small Bar Diameters
LNS’ GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder has a dual U-shaped guiding channel with a sectional guiding channel cover, combined with a self-centering bar clamping system that matches the entire diameter range of the lathe.

Bar feeder

Preparing for Lights-Out Production
As manufacturers face the challenges of reducing cost-per-part while meeting quality and delivery demands, adding a workerless third shift is a tantalizing possibility. It’s also a bit scary.

Oil/Coolant Mist Collector

Oil/Coolant Mist Collector Addresses Efficiency Challenges
These oil/coolant mist collectors can contribute to employee safety and a better work environment all around.

Automatic Bar Feeder

Choosing an Automatic Bar Feeder
The bar feeder is the most common form of automation for turning operations. Selecting the right one requires consideration of the applications for which it will be used.

Streamline Production with Standardized Processes
To alleviate overlap in communications for the manufacturing community, the MTConnect standardized protocol was developed for CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment.

Celebrating 40 Years by Giving Back
To honor the 40th anniversary of LNS Group (based in Orvin, Switzerland), the company’s more than 800 employees have committed to give back to their communities through public service.

Competition and Technology Drive the Pace of Manufacturing
IMTSTV's Penny Brown recently spoke with Steve Fritzinger, from NetApp, about competition and technology driving the manufacturing industry's pace and why companies must adapt to this change if they want to survive.

Shopfloor Data and the Future of Manufacturing
Redundancy is far too common in many areas of life. Standardized processes that streamline production might be the perfect solution.

Technologies for Chip and Coolant Management
To the casual observer, removing the chips created during a metalworking manufacturing process may seem about as complicated as emptying a waste basket.

Working Smarter
Last Word

Communication Among Workcell Components
An Ethernet-based system acts as a conduit for relaying operational data between the programming software, controller, bar feeder, machine tool and parts unloader.

The Evolution of Feeding Barstock
When the ancient Egyptians employed the first known turning machines, productivity was probably not a top-of-mind issue. Given an abundance of slave labor, it’s likely the pharaohs enjoyed relatively low production costs. Today, of course, improving productivity is critical in any manufacturing operation that does not rely on plentiful, cheap labor.

Product Categories of LNS North America, Inc.

All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading & Feeding Equipment not specified
Bar Feed Mechanisms
Chamfering Tools
Chip & Sludge Dragouts
Chip Conveyors
Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
Chucks, Self-Contained
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolant Reclamation Equipment
Dust Collectors & Air Filtration
Steady Rests
Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

Blaze Air
Eco Load
Hydrobar Express
Hydrobar Sprint
LNS America, Inc.
LNS North America
PowerStream BF
Quick Load Servo
Quick Six
Standard Hydrobar THB
Super Hydrobar HYS-HS